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Coaching is a very new concept to many people. Business coaches have been utilized to help businessmen and women reach career goals for some time now. But if you are not in business circles it’s likely that you don’t know much about coaching. If that’s the case with you, I want to change that and help you understand what a Christian Life Coach can do for you.

The reason I want you to know what a Christian Life Coach is, is because coaching acts as a catalyst to define and accelerate your personal growth. It helps you stretch what you’re capable of accomplishing.  Coaching helps actively support your most significant goals in life. Since you’re reading this, my guess is that accomplishing your most significant goals in life is super important to you. So you really need to learn more about coaching, and the faster the better.

To find the perfect coach for you, check out my free report, How to Find the Perfect Christian Life Coach. If you’d like more information about the type of coaching I do, keep reading.

Let me share just a little about me and then I’ll get on to, What’s Coaching Like? and how you can learn more. My purpose for being a coach is to glorify God by helping others discover Gods plan. My specialty is working with doctors and healthcare professionals who are Christians and who are committed to seek and reach the goals God has for them.

My dilemma is that in order to tell you…what coaching is able to do, and…what being coached is like, and…how coaching differs from therapy and counseling, and…all of the other nuances of coaching —  I’d have to offer you a drink from the fire hose, or subject you to some boring lists of, “coaching is vs. coaching is not.”  Trust me neither of us want to go down that road.

Since I’m here to help you, not afflict you with uninteresting late night reading. I decided to pack all that stuff into something that is actually interesting to read. You’ll be dropped right into an interview with a coaching client. You can find all these interviews linked to the pixelated photos at the top of this page.

OpenTheGift Coaching employs Follow-Up Interviews as a way to ensure clients’ needs are being met.  Some are conducted over the phone and some through email. Obviously, we never publish these (everything in coaching is confidential) and they are used strictly for coach feedback and training purposes. However, I have decided that this format fits the goals of helping you learn more about coaching, so I’ve created what you could imagine as a modern day parable dealing with my client niche and with my approach to coaching believers.

These published interviews are created composites.  Extensive use of coaching experiences, pre-approved disclosure of certain client information and common coaching outcomes all make up the published interview format and do not breach client confidentiality. Any names, situations, or circumstances which resemble actual persons or events are strictly coincidental. My hope is that it communicates relevant information in an interesting way, so you get a chance to see coaching from the safe vantage point… your comfort zone.

– Fin Pope