High Performance Pattern (HPP) is a person’s unique pattern of outstanding performance. HPP is based on Dr. Jerry Fletcher’s work. While working with companies like IBM and Procter & Gamble as well as hundreds of smaller companies and individuals, he came to understand that each person’s route to outstanding performance involved learning to make use of his or her own uniqueness.  This conclusion flew in the face both of theory and of conventional wisdom, which proposed that the path to success was to imitate other successful people. Unfortunately, imitation can only usher a person into competence.


To truly achieve mastery one must find and understand their unique patterns of high performance.  Occasionally, there are people who innately apply their high performance pattern consistently in their lives. For the rest of us, working with a coach is the first step in discovering these patterns.  


A client can expect to meet over the phone or conference call with a certified HPP coach.  Typically, there will be four, one hour long sessions. By the conclusion of the conversations the client has discover precisely what steps are required to perform at his or her best. Their HPP shows them how they can make the exceptional consistent.


Dr. R. Finlay Pope (Certified HPP Coach) For more information please contact Fin at fin@openthegift.com