Last evening I gathered with friends and we watched a video about the Holy Land. It was done by Ray Vander Laan and while the production of the show was rather dated, the information is timeless. He spoke of the Israelites placed by God at the crossroads of, literally of the World. The city Gezer was the crossroad of trade, linking the sophistication and progress of Egypt with the rest of the known world.

God’s people had been brought there to influence the world in a powerful way. But they chose the easier path and did not fully occupy and control that critical crossroad in the way God had intended. Just one of many “oops moments” of God’s people.

How often does God lead us to a critical place where we are asked to be His presence at a crossroad?


Are you the influence on the lives of others that pleases God? Do you fulfill your calling? Is now a critical time for you to step up? What actions can you take that will bring glory to God?

We know all about “oops moments.” We read about them just about every time we open the Bible. We see them within the church and we all have a long personal history of falling short of God’s desire for us. Fortunately, God is very aware that we are weak and fallible and yet He loves us so much that he continually chooses us to represent Him at the crossroads of our life. He wants us to be like God’s standing stones at the crossroads of Gezer and show the world who He is.

When we become determined to stand tall at the crossroads where God puts us, it’s time to…

…explore what we believe

…determine our decisions

…discover actions

Christian Coaching facilitates your work serving your God.

I coach doctors and healthcare professionals who are moving forward. They often see themselves at a perpetual crossroad, and that is exactly where they want to be! They find it essential to explore what they believe, prudent to take the time to determine their decisions, and wise to discover the actions that will influence others to see God’s greatness.

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