Dr. Scott Stevenson WA
After practicing in a major urban center for thirty-five years, it was time for my wife and I to begin a new life in a small town closer to our children. Fin helped me identify both personal and professional goals that laid the groundwork for that new life.

Fin’s coaching is based on Christian values and he wanted me to be successful in my endeavors, always trusting in God along the way. We began and ended each session with prayer. Fin is a keen listener and his insightful questions helped me discover what I wanted and how to best attain it.

Fin emphasized how important it is for me to spend my time using my God-given talents and gifts rather than wasting time working on my weaknesses. He also could keep me accountable when needed.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Christian coaching services of Fin Pope.

Anonymous Washington
I had a mid-term goal in mind but wanted to make sure that my motivations were in line with what God wanted for my family and myself. I also needed help establishing a timeline of things to do to accomplish my goal. Coaching with Fin was a great fit and I was able to work through all the groundwork to make my goal a reality!
Carmen Stanwood WA


Fin is amazing and really brought out in me what I knew to be true in my mind and heart, but I was failing to see it in the aftermath of a personal disaster.

MC San Diego


Fin is a wonderful coach. Compassionate, caring and oh so wise. He has given me a new sense of confidence to go forward in my work by guiding me through a debilitating writer’s block, and with his warm and open personality and manner, his coaching is at once encouraging and inspiring. I highly recommend him.

Chris Queensland, Australia


Fin is a person of deep faith and sincerity and his calm encouraging approach, coupled with insightful questions, has provided the ideal environment for me to tackle and grow through the challenges in my business and in my life. He has extensive experience as a chiropractic physician and business owner and this shows in the way that he respects and interacts with people. It has also given him a unique understanding of the issues facing today’s health care professionals. I would recommend Fin as a coach to anyone.