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What’s Cookies got to do with it?

My grand-kids love to have Papa read them books. Once it starts it doesn’t end until one or all of us are sound asleep. One of their favorite bedtime books is If You Give Mouse a Cookie. The wonderfully illustrated mouse character captures your heart because real human life experience is similar in so many ways. If you give a mouse a cookie he will ask for milk…followed by a chain of delightful and reasonable requests…all of them, delaying bedtime.

One night, after tucking in the littles, I headed off to confront my own bedtime reading. Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Before long I could write my own book entitled, If You Give Papa a Life Hack. Indeed, he’d ask for a notepad to write down all the cool stuff…then he’d ask for a computer to go online…then he’d need his credit card to make a purchase…. See how this is going?  That’s the way Open The Gift Online Store started. The blog, the one about health, wellness and human performance began in 2003 but the-mouse-like-obsession, searching out amazing people with extraordinary life hacks — that began while reading Tim’s sure-to-keep-you-awake-too-long-into-the-night effort, Tools of Titans.

OpenTheGift.com is a one-stop-source for highly curated information and products about health, wellness and human performance. When I’m not reading to my grand-kids or writing about life, I work closely with patients who desire injury recovery and wellness restoration. Every day my staff and I share the secret knowledge and specialized skill that accelerates healing and enhances well being, yet our reach is limited. Starting Open The Gift Online Store is my way to share the good stuff to you. It may not change the fact the healing is a process, not an event, but it will make help you reach the highest levels of health you are capable of, much faster.  The gift is life and all the healing properties that you are capable of, if you want to reduce pain, promote healing, heighten performance and increase well-being then Open The Gift today.

Life is a gift. Open it and enjoy your life experience to the fullest!