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Managed Paranoia – Book One

In Managed Paranoia – Book One, Hank Gunn, a resilient veteran left with a sunken sailboat, faces the challenges of a suffocating nanny state. Triggered by an ill-advised statement to his psychologist, Hank questions his enrollment in a suicide prevention program and seeks to escape its prying eyes. His opportunity arises when billionaire inventor Olin Ou invites him to join his eccentric family on their yacht. Together, they navigate treacherous waters, seeking to elude the overreaching grasp of oppressive governments. Meanwhile, Bella, a marine biologist, experiences a sinister turn during her tropical vacation as she becomes entangled in a nightmarish situation with her boyfriend Gregory, revealing his true criminal nature. Despite starting on opposite sides of the Pacific, Hank and Bella must confront threats to their freedom as they journey towards each other, discovering a new way forward.


Managed Paranoia – Book Two

In Managed Paranoia – Book Two, Hank’s exceptional seamanship and his ability to lead Olin Ou and the crew of the GalaxSea through severe storms validate Olin’s belief in the presence of Hank’s guardian angels. However, their escape from the clutches of the predatory state remains uncertain as a malevolent AI takes offensive measures against anyone who tries to escape. With Olin leading the way and assisted by his personal AI, they skillfully navigate treacherous waters, barely staying one step ahead of the relentless pursuit of a vindictive cabal of powerful forces. Simultaneously, Bella seeks refuge from her greatest relationship mistake, her ex-boyfriend Gregory, finding solace at her father’s deep-ocean aquaculture station. As their lives intertwine, Hank and Bella must navigate their complex connection, facing imminent threats to their freedom. Can they summon the strength to forge a new path forward in a world determined to control their destinies?

Rhodium Tycoon

How did Olin Ou become so wealthy?

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