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Press Release


Title: “The Seventh Pawn”: Finlay Beach Explores the Depths of Freedom and Faith in a Novel for Readers Who Love Thrillers

Location: Camano Island, WA

In the shadow of a world where the delicate balance between technology and personal freedom teeters on the brink of authoritarianism, acclaimed author Finlay Beach announces the release of his latest novel, The Seventh Pawn. This compelling addition to Beach’s body of work delves into a darker universe, providing a prequel to the celebrated Managed Paranoia series that has captivated readers with its thrilling narrative and thought-provoking exploration of contemporary themes.

The Seventh Pawn introduces readers to Julian, a man grappling with the loss of his wife and the challenges posed by an overreaching state, setting the stage for a profound exploration of liberty, faith, and human resilience. In a surprising twist, characters from Beach’s Managed Paranoia series emerge, weaving a richer tapestry of the universe he has masterfully created.

Beach’s work is renowned for its unique blend of speculative fiction, infused with Christian themes and near-future realism. His narratives are more than mere escapism; they serve as a mirror to our current world, offering a reflection on the direction humanity is headed. His Managed Paranoia series let us look through the eyes of his characters—Hank Gunn, a former Navy Medic turned professional sailor, and Bella Espinosa, a marine biologist with a complex past—Beach explores the human spirit’s indomitable will to overcome adversity.

Drawing inspiration from his own life experiences—from adventurous exploits on waterways to profound spiritual and philosophical inquiries—Beach imbues his writing with authenticity and depth. His characters navigate complex moral landscapes, their stories resonating with readers who find in them a reflection of their own struggles and aspirations.

With Beach’s novel, The Seventh Pawn, he ventures into a narrative that is both dark and hopeful. The novel not only expands the Managed Paranoia series universe but also stands as a testament to Beach’s skill in crafting stories that are engaging, complex, and deeply human.

Finlay Beach’s journey as an author is a testament to his passion for exploring the interplay of faith and technology, the struggle for freedom, and the resilience of the human spirit. From the award-winning Managed Paranoia series to the intriguing “Rhodium Tycoon” short story, his works invite readers into worlds where the stakes are high, and the quest for understanding is ever-present.

As The Seventh Pawn takes its place alongside Beach’s other works, readers are once again invited to embark on a journey that challenges the mind and stirs the heart. This novel is not just a prequel; it’s a gateway to a universe where every choice has weight, and every path leads to discovery.

For those seeking tales that blend action with introspection, The Seventh Pawn promises to be an unforgettable addition to the libraries of technology enthusiasts, reflective thinkers, and anyone who cherishes the timeless struggle for freedom and faith.

About Finlay Beach:

Finlay Beach is an author from Camano Island, WA, who crafts action-packed thrillers that delve into the complexities of freedom, faith, and the human condition. With a background as diverse as being an ocean lifeguard, working as an EMT and a fulfilling career as a doctor specializing in injury recovery and wellness restoration. Beach brings a wealth of experience and insight into his writing, creating stories that resonate with readers across the globe.

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Finlay Beach

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Author Biography

50-word Bio

Finlay Beach blends speculative fiction with libertarian and Christian themes. His Managed Paranoia series, celebrated for intertwining thrilling tales with spiritual depth, reflects his passion for freedom and faith. His novel, The Seventh Pawn, takes readers on a unique journey through suspenseful, thought-provoking narratives, culminating in a rewarding, hope-filled ending.

Short Author Bio (120 words)

Finlay Beach, a speculative fiction author, delves into narratives of individual liberty and faith-based values. His award-winning series, “Managed Paranoia,” merges thrilling adventures with deep reflections on freedom, authority, and spiritual journeys. An adventurer at heart, Beach’s early escapades on the water fueled his passion for storytelling. Drawing from personal experiences and a profound belief in free market principles, his work offers a compelling exploration of individual autonomy and moral dilemmas. Beach’s written work includes the short story “Rhodium Tycoon,” his novel The Seventh Pawn, and the critically acclaimed Managed Paranoia, part of the “Hank Gunn Series.” “Rhodium Tycoon” is available for free from his author site ( His novels are available as ebooks and in paperback.

Long Author Bio (260 words)

Camano Island author, Finlay Beach, weaves speculative fiction that interlaces individual sovereignty with respect for Biblical principles. His debut series, Managed Paranoia, explores themes of personal freedom and authority, presenting a faith filled journey of introspection. Books from the series have earned Beach the Outstanding Creator Award in Science Fiction and 2024 Book Excellence Award. His formative years, marked by a love for the sea and adventure, later influenced his storytelling. With a background as diverse as being an ocean lifeguard, working as an EMT, and a fulfilling career as a doctor specializing in injury recovery and wellness restoration, he enriches his narratives with realism and depth.

Beach’s writing reflects his beliefs in liberty and Christian faith, portraying characters on quests for freedom and spiritual meaning. His protagonists, like Hank Gunn and Bella Espinosa in Managed Paranoia, and Julian and Val in The Seventh Pawn, navigate oppressive environments while grappling with moral and faith-based dilemmas, resonating with fans of thought-provoking fiction and drawing comparisons to David Gregory, C.S. Lewis, and George Orwell.

His works are a tapestry of political action, survival, and philosophical exploration, delving into the resilience of the human spirit and its quest for truth. “Rhodium Tycoon,” a short story available for free download, showcases his range. It features Olin Ou, a ubiquitous character providing a deathbed account of his life and the enigmatic rise of the Madras Motor. Beach’s novels, including Managed Paranoia and The Seventh Pawn, are available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, captivating readers who appreciate fiction that challenges both mind and soul.


Book Description/Blurb

Managed Paranoia – Short  (82 words)

Managed Paranoia is a thought-provoking near-future thriller that ventures into speculative fiction. This narrative skillfully intertwines personal struggle with an impending authoritarian regime, prompting readers to reflect on questions of faith, love, and freedom. The well-crafted world-building and insightful exploration of societal overreach underscore the narrative’s plausibility and hint at the potential risks of unchecked power. Managed Paranoia – Book One unfolds with the steadiness of a sailboat navigating stormy seas, offering a compelling read that sets the stage for the unfolding saga.

Managed Paranoia – Long (359 words) 

For fans of best-selling suspense and adventure novels comes a near-future sci-fi thriller about Hank Gunn. He is a former Navy medic whose dream is to race sailboats around the world, but life has other plans—like smashing his efforts against the rocks. The reader is swept into a battle against the pro-authority, nanny-state when Hank is forced to find the answers to questions he never wanted to ask. Questions of love and faith roil in his mind as he attempts to survive the perils of the open ocean and escape from those who are out to get him. In Managed Paranoia, Hank Gunn rebels against the establishment, confronts the demons of his past and struggles with the God of Creation.

When things go wrong, it’s good to have support. Dead broke and with his sailboat resting in a watery grave, Hank Gunn needed help. But not all military veterans need a suicide prevention program to cope with life’s setbacks. After an ill-advised statement to his psychologist, Hank imagines unrealistic consequences of a predatory state. It appears he suffers from paranoia, but he soon discovers that his suspicions are justified.

Olin Ou is among the world’s wealthiest souls. With the help of a self-aware AI, he recruits Hank into his eccentric family as an accomplice to his own exit strategy. Even with Olin’s resources and Hank’s sailing experience, escape from the smothering overreach of world governments is far from certain.

Bella wraps up a no-tech, tropical vacation. But the forced relaxation doesn’t prepare her for what awaits. Gregory unexpectedly meets her at the airport in Singapore, insisting she agree to be his wife. Bella panics and loses him in the crowd. Her answer is obvious and he texts, “You’ll regret this.” Not a hollow threat coming from this powerful man.

Everyone is running away from something. The past and the present are reason enough for escape, but an authoritarian future is far more sinister. In Managed Paranoia – Book One, Hank and Bella travel the Pacific and converge on a storm at sea that will determine if they can confront the threats to their freedom and discover a new way forward.

The Seventh Pawnblurb (180 words)

JULIAN WAS NOT PREPARED TO BECOME A WIDOWER. After his wife’s sudden death from a vaccine reaction, he struggles with his faith and cannot find peace. His personal grief takes a backseat when he’s unexpectedly drawn into a confrontation with a global conspiracy. Despite his loss, rebels who are fighting against evil recognize Julian’s unique abilities and need his help. Once a teenage hacker, Julian’s curiosity turned into expertise. Now, those skills are precisely what the rebels are missing.

This narrative cuts to the heart of a society under the shadow of Big Brother, where the quest for security leads to the erosion of freedom. It’s a direct mirror to our world’s current struggles, laying bare the consequences of trading liberty for the illusion of safety, exploiting the vulnerable along the way.

Embark on Julian’s journey, a compelling tale that weaves through the heart of authoritarian rule and the web of social and technological threats that are all too familiar. Amidst this chaos, Julian and his newfound allies challenge their fate, sparking hope for a brighter future by exposing tyranny.


Book Information

  • Managed Paranoia – Book One, Near Future Thriller 
    • Publication Date: 2022 
    • eBook ISBN 979-8-9857705-0-6 (ASIN B09S8K6SW7), 
    • Paperback 979-8-9857705-1-3 
  • Managed Paranoia – Book Two, Near Future Thriller 
    • Publication Date: 2023 
    • eBook ISBN 979-8-9857705-2-0 (ASIN: B0BPKLQYDY)
    • Paperback 979-8-9857705-3-7
  • The Seventh Pawn – A Managed Series Prequel
    • Publication Date: 2024
    • eBook ISBN 979-8-9857705-4-4 ebook (ASIN: B0CVFCD1D4)
    • Paperback 979-8-9857705-5-1 

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Q&A (Author Interview)

Q1: What inspired you to write the “Managed Paranoia” series?

A: I’ve always been fascinated by the interplay of faith and technology. Look at our personal struggles; almost every human struggle either faith or technology is the cause or the solution. This series embodies characters, like all of us, they have their unique strengths and weaknesses, they must work through a thrilling set of experiences where the outcome is uncertain.  

This series is a culmination of these themes, presenting a world where characters navigate complex moral and spiritual landscapes while grappling with advanced technology and political intrigue.

Q2: Can you tell us about the main characters in your series?

A: Hank and Bella are at the heart of the series. Hank, a former Navy Medic, simply wants to be a professional sailor, but he has suffered a catastrophic failure — his boat sank. Now he must recover from his misfortune.  Bella, a marine biologist, is a complex character who embodies the human spirit’s resilience, but must overcome a seriously deranged former boyfriend and the ongoing threat he poses. They’re relatable, flawed, and they resonate with readers because they mirror our own struggles and triumphs in a world that’s both familiar and futuristic.

Q3: How do you balance action and deeper themes in your writing?

A: My writing is a blend of fast-paced action and thoughtful exploration of themes like faith, freedom, and the human condition. I aim to keep readers engaged with thrilling plotlines while also providing depth that stimulates reflection and even discussion.

Q4: What makes your series stand out in the sci-fi thriller genre?

A: The “Managed Paranoia” series stands out due to its unique blend of speculative fiction, Christian themes, and a focus on near-future realism. The series offers not just escapism but also a thoughtful reflection on our current world and the direction we’re headed.

Q5: What message do you hope readers take away from your books?

A: I hope readers find a sense of hope and resilience amidst challenges. While the series explores dark themes, the underlying message is one of faith and perseverance, encouraging readers to find strength even in difficult times.

Q6: How does your personal background influence your writing?

A: As a fan of science fiction and someone deeply interested in spiritual and philosophical questions, my personal experiences and beliefs significantly shape my writing. They allow me to create authentic, multi-dimensional characters and scenarios that readers can relate to and ponder over.

Q7: What is your approach to world-building in the “Managed Paranoia” series?

A: My approach is grounded in realism, projecting current technological and political trends into the near future. I strive to create a world that’s believable and relatable, yet filled with enough speculative elements to intrigue and captivate readers.

Q8: How do you address the theme of faith in your novels?

A: Faith is woven subtly into the narrative, presented through characters’ experiences and growth. I think most people would say they wrestle with God. I know I do. So it’s not surprising that my characters find themselves in predicaments where they look for answers outside of themselves.  

Q9: What can readers expect in future books of the series?

A: Adventure oriented politically charged thrillers are what I love to write. So readers can expect the same blend of action, complexity and deep storytelling. As far as I can see into the future, my journey will continue to explore the intersections of faith and freedom, with the goal of keeping readers on the edge of their seats.

Q10: What do you enjoy most about writing in this genre?

A: I love the freedom to explore complex themes within an exciting narrative framework. Writing in this genre allows me to delve into the minds and lives of my characters.

Q11: Can you share the inspiration behind “The Seventh Pawn” and its connection to the Managed series?

A: “The Seventh Pawn” delves into a darker fictional universe than the ‘Managed Paranoia Series.’ I’m not sure this happened on purpose. I’ve noticed the building of hope is more effective when contrasted against a bleak background. Again, I didn’t start out writing ‘The Seventh Pawn’ as a Prequel, but a funny thing happened as I developed the story around the main character, Julian. Well not funny, as in ha ha, after all, the story begins with him dealing with the death of his wife. He also suffers from problems with an overreaching state and drama unfolding with his daughter and grandson. To my surprise and delight, some of the characters from The Managed Paranoia books showed up! 

So this book went from being a standalone novel to a prequel of the Managed Series. It offers readers a glimpse into the broader universe I’ve created, where technology and faith struggle as the characters fight for liberty.

Q12: What makes “Rhodium Tycoon,” your reader magnet, a must-read for fans of the Managed series?

A: “Rhodium Tycoon” is a unique journey into the life of Olin Ou, a character who is as complex as he is visionary. This short story serves as a fascinating backdrop to the Managed Series, offering readers an in-depth look at one of the key figures in this fictional universe. It’s written as a ‘leaked document,’ giving an exclusive peek into the motivations and legacy of a man whose inventions and decisions have a profound impact on the series’ world. It’s a must-read for fans because it not only enriches the series’ universe but also stands as a compelling narrative in its own right, showcasing human genius and the far-reaching consequences of groundbreaking inventions.


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