Managed Paranoia Book One

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

When things go wrong, it’s good to have support. Dead broke and with his sailboat resting in the mud two miles under the ocean’s surface, Hank Gunn needed help. But not all military veterans need a suicide prevention program to cope with life’s setbacks. After an ill-advised statement to his psychologist, Hank imagines unrealistic consequences of a predatory state. Initially, it appears he suffers from paranoia, but he soon discovers that his suspicions are justified.

Olin Ou is among the world’s wealthiest souls. With the help of a self-aware AI, he recruits Hank into his eccentric family as an accomplice to his own exit strategy. Even with Olin’s resources and Hank’s sailing experience, escape from the smothering overreach of world governments is far from certain.

Bella wraps up a no-tech, tropical vacation. But the forced relaxation doesn’t prepare her for what awaits. Gregory unexpectedly meets her at the airport in Singapore, insisting she agree to be his wife. Bella panics and loses him in the crowd. Her answer is obvious and he texts, “You’ll regret this.” Not a hollow threat coming from this powerful man.

Everyone is running away from something. The past and the present are reason enough for escape, but the future is more sinister. In Managed Paranoia – Book One, Hank and Bella travel the Pacific and converge on a storm at sea that will determine if they can confront the threats to their freedom and discover a new way forward.

The adventure starts today!

What Readers are Saying


“A fascinating read, set in the not to distant future, great characters (a truly scary bad guy), great attention to detail, once I started I didn’t want to put it down.” – Jim F.


Not only does Finlay Beach give us a look at what very well may be our not too distant future, he paints this picture with just the right tint by showing it through the eyes of vivid characters that spring to life and bring about a heartfelt empathy from the reader. With the added edge of mystery and international intrigue, Managed Paranoia – Book One is One great read.  -Jim B.


Had a hard time putting it down.  -Bob S.


Lots of tech, killer bad guy after the heroine, and a damaged hero. A little 1984 flavoring in there and a nice change from most sci-fi futuristic stories. -Beta Reader

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