“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

J.K. Rowling

JULIAN WAS NOT PREPARED TO BECOME A WIDOWER. After his wife’s sudden death from a vaccine reaction, he struggles with his faith and cannot find peace. His personal grief takes a backseat when he’s unexpectedly drawn into a confrontation with a global conspiracy. Despite his loss, rebels who are fighting against evil recognize Julian’s unique abilities and need his help. Once a teenage hacker, Julian’s curiosity turned into expertise. Now, those skills are precisely what the rebels are missing.


This narrative cuts to the heart of a society under the shadow of Big Brother, where the quest for security leads to the erosion of freedom. It’s a direct mirror to our world’s current struggles, laying bare the consequences of trading liberty for the illusion of safety, exploiting the vulnerable along the way.


Embark on Julian’s journey, a compelling tale that weaves through the heart of authoritarian rule and the web of social and technological threats that are all too familiar. Amidst this chaos, Julian and his newfound allies challenge their fate, sparking hope for a brighter future by exposing tyranny.

Rhodium Tycoon

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